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Power Supply Repairs

Power Supply Repairs 2 Year Warranty

IER repair an extensive range of power supplies, both single phase and three phase PSU's. These typically include Switch Mode, Linear and Uninterruptable power supply units.

Our reliable and cost effective power supply repairs are carried out using the very latest test facilities. Our team of highly experienced engineers based in Hertfordshire, UK, carry out preventative maintenance as part of the power supply repair process, checking capacitors and fans. Electrolytic capacitors are usually upgraded from 85c to 105c.

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A Guide to Power Supply Units

PSU's provide power to an electrical load, they typically power a technology by converting one type of electrical energy to another. Some convert other energies, such as chemical, into electrical power. The power supply is intrinsic in powering most modern technologies and are present as either devices hardwired into the parent technology or stand-alone units. They possess specific attributes, including; stability of its voltage output, length of energy supply without need to recharge and level of voltage and current supplied.